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Certified Zone Specialist (CZS) – Grandfather

The Certified Zones Specialist (CZS) Certification Program is designed to assist trade professionals involved in the import industry to become knowledgeable in the FTZ Program. As an Accredited Zone Specialist (AZS), you have already shown your knowledge through years of experience and active involvement in the FTZ community.  Having both the CZS and AZS designation shows your dedication to the industry, and your commitment to honing your professional skills.

Those with the Accredited Zone Specialist (AZS) accreditation may grandfather into the CZS program by requesting their current AZS status be verified and remitting a $125 fee.  Once they are grandfathered in, they will be required to earn 12 continuing education credits each year to keep their designation active, along with paying a $95 annual renewal fee.

By choosing to grandfather into the CZS program, you'll skip the exam requirement for this one time. However, please note that when it comes time for renewal next year, meeting the credit requirements will be necessary for the renewal process.


The Certified Zone Specialist (CZS) Certification Program is designed to educate trade professionals in the growing and evolving U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) industry. Whether you have a broker’s license, have just a year or two of related experience, or are getting started in an FTZ role, this course will provide you with a solid foundation for you to increase your industry knowledge.

The CZS course will review fundamental points relevant to applying for a new FTZ designation, getting your FTZ activated by CBP, and operating and administering an FTZ. The CZS is a knowledge certification that shows you understand the basics of FTZ operations, and is a stepping stone towards the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zone (NAFTZ) Accredited Zone Specialist (AZS) experience-based designation (

The CZS Course is a self-paced, online training that consists of 5 modules (each ending with a summary quiz), checkpoint quizzes, and a cumulative, proctored final exam.


  • Learn about the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone Program
  • Receive recognition for specialized knowledge in this important U.S. duty deferral program


  • History of the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone Program
  • The Authority and History of FTZs
  • Foreign-Trade Zone Benefits
  • FTZ Application and Activation Process
  • Inventory Control and Recordkeeping in an FTZ
  • Procedures and Filings for Admitting and Withdrawing Merchandise
  • Periodic Reporting and other Special Circumstances in FTZs


Individuals working in the import industry, interested in learning about FTZ operations and administration.

Grandfathering Fees

For AZS members:

If you are in good standing with your AZS designation and are interested in submitting payment to grandfather into the CZS program please contact Kristine Wells at to receive an invoice for processing.


Contact Melissa Irmen at 202-331-1950 or