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Mentorship Program


The goal of the NAFTZ Mentorship Program is to foster an exchange of knowledge and ideas, develop foreign-trade zones (FTZ) professionals at all levels, and expand networks. An important benefit of NAFTZ membership — in addition to discounted access to high-quality programming and events — is our network of professionals who possess valuable experience from whom others can learn. Mentoring is not expected to be a large time commitment, but is intended to benefit both parties.

Note: This opportunity is available to Grantee, Operator/User, and 3PL members only.

Requesting a Mentor or Mentee

Applications are now open for the November 2023 - April 2024 Mentorship Program term. Once applications close on September 16 the Membership Subcommittee will review the request and assign you with the “best fit” mentor or mentee. An email will be sent to both participants to initiate an introduction.

Questions? Contact Kristine Wells at 202-331-1950 ext. 224