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Service Provider Member

Service providers in the FTZ sector are companies that provide important FTZ-specific services to grantees and operator/users. Examples of such services are 3PLs, legal representation, consulting, bond insurance, zone management, inventory-control and recordkeeping software, and customs brokerage.

By providing these essential services, service providers contribute to the overall success of the FTZ program, which in turn benefits the U.S. economy by promoting international trade, lowering costs for busiensses, and creating and keeping jobs in the U.S.

Become a member of NAFTZ today to make business connections and help continue moving this industry forward.

Dues for membership in this category are $1,700.00 per year for the designated member and $350.00 per year for each additional member.


NAFTZ offers service providers a unique opportunity to expand their network and connect with potential clients within the U.S. FTZ program. By leveraging the association's resources and events, service providers can effectively reach a targeted audient of Grantees, Operators, and Users laying the groundwork for mutually beneficial partnerships and business opportunities. 

NAFTZ providers a platform for service provide providers to make connections which includes: 

  • Service Provider Directory: Service Provider members of this association are automatically filtered into an exclusive member directory available to active members only within the InfoHub. Members can easily search and filter for the various services they need and will reach out to connect should you meet that need.
  • Enhanced Visibility through Advertising:  Take advantage of discounted website advertising opportunities or newsletter and event sponsorship opportunities to showcase your company's expertise and services to a wider audience. Your company could be featured in the public service provider directory, increasing your visibility among all visitors to the NAFTZ website.
  • In-Person Events: Attend NAFTZ's four major events annually and engage in face-to-face networking with industry professionals. These events provide an excellent platform to build relationships, establish your brand, and discover potential business opportunities.
  • Committee Participation: Members of NAFTZ are encouraged to join a committee at the association. Committees allow you to connect with likeminded professionals and share your insights both on and off a call. 

An NAFTZ membership could provide you with a powerful platform to expand your reach as a service provider, connect with potential clients, and strengthen your network within the FTZ industry. By actively engaging in the association's networking opportunities, you can lay the foundation for sustainable business growth and success.

NAFTZ hosts four major events each year which include, and all members receive a discount to attend these events, which include:

  • Fundamentals of FTZs
  • Legislative and Congressional Visits
  • Spring Seminar
  • Annual Conference & Exposition

NAFTZ attracts a large audience of professionals within the FTZ industry including Grantees, Operators, and Users. Build relationships with industry professionals from various backgrounds, network and collaborate for potential business opportunities or to grow your FTZ network. 

Stay informed on industry trends by attending our major events. The knowledge you gain by attending our events could help you provide your clients with the most up-to-date information and effective solutions.

NAFTZ is a powerful advocate  for the FTZ program, working to influence regulations and legislation that affect you. We host the Legislative Summit and Congressional Visits each year to provide the space for members to share their concerns with CBP and legislators. We also host Virtual Fly-Ins to continue the conversation of FTZ and ensure our voices and concerns are heard.

Service Providers (like all active members of the association) can have a direct impact on shaping the future of the FTZ program by participating in NAFTZ advocacy efforts. 

NAFTZ provides its members with a wealth of knowledge and resources which include:

  • Webinars: NAFTZ hosts monthly webinars which are always free to active members. Stay up-dated on trends and regulatory updates by attending these events. Webinars are also saved within the InfoHub to review at your leisure. 
  • Mentorship Opportunities: 3PL service providers have the chance to be paired with fellow 3PLs and engage in a 6-month mentorship program. This program, led by the mentee, is designed to foster growth and enhance their skills as an FTZ professional.
  • Additional Resources: By becoming a member, you will have access to the InfoHub where all of NAFTZ benefits including resources and documents are stored. 

Showcase your knowledge of the FTZ program by earning the Accredited Zones Specialist (AZS) and the Certified Zone Specialist (CZS) designations. These designations demonstrates your commitment to the FTZ industry and distinguishes you as a leader in this field.

Accredited Zone Specialist: 

The AZS designation recognizes experienced FTZ professionals. It signifies your in-depth understanding of FTZ operations, regulations, and best practices. To qualify for the AZS designation, you must possess a minimum of five years of FTZ experience and meet qualifying Professional and Leadership activities.

To learn more about this designation please visit: 

Certified Zone Specialist: 

The CZS certification is ideal for those seeking to establish a strong foundation and understanding of the FTZ program. This comprehensive certification program covers the fundamentals of FTZ including:

  • FTZ activation and application process 
  • FTZ compliance requirements
  • FTZ benefits and cost-savings strategies
  • FTZ recordkeeping and reporting

Those who have acquired the AZS may grandfather into the CZS program. And, members of NAFTZ receive a discount to obtain both certifications. 

To learn more about the CZS program please visit:

Consider joining us today and take full advantage of all NAFTZ can offer you. Have questions? Contact