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Discounted Bond Rates

AVALON RISK MANAGEMENT offers members discounted bond rates!

The NAFTZ has an exclusive partnership with Avalon Risk Management to offer NAFTZ members a substantial discount on FTZ operator bonds, back to back bonds and other CBP bonds. The larger the bond amount, the larger the savings!


FTZ Operator Bonds guarantee that FTZ Operators will comply with Customs regulations, as set forth in 19 CFR 146 and 113 CR. The minimum bond amount currently required by U.S. Customs is $50,000, but many new FTZ Operators are required to have a $100,000 (C4) bond. Here are examples of annual NAFTZ member savings!

For more information and a no-obligation quote, please contact Wanda Sample at 646-490-5352 or at

The same reduced premiums also apply for Custodial or Carrier Bonds (C2 Customs Bonds). We provide other U.S. Customs Bonds at discounted prices to NAFTZ members, such as Import Bonds, Drawback Bonds, TIB/Carnet Bonds, and Back-to-Back Bonds for Grantees and Operators.

The NAFTZ Bond Program is provided by Avalon Risk Management, Inc. (Avalon) a leading writer of Customs bonds. Avalon acts as a Managing General Agent for several different treasury approved sureties. If your bond is not currently written through Avalon, you may not be getting the full benefit of being a NAFTZ member. Also, the NAFTZ may not be receiving support for your participation in the NAFTZ Bond Program.