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NAFTZ Website & Newsletter Sponsorships

The National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ) is the leading association dedicated to promoting, educating and advocating for the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) program. Advertising your business and operations on the NAFTZ website or newsletter will greatly benefit your organization bringing about brand visibility, reach a niche industry of FTZ professionals, and create business opportunities among NAFTZ members and visitors alike.

For questions about website or newsletter sponsorship contact

Table of Contents



$1,000 Annual Member Rate
  • Have your logo listed at the bottom of the NAFTZ homepage.

    Non-Member rate: $2,000


$2,500 Annual Member Rate
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Website Sponsorship with the added benefit of including your company on the new public facing Service Provider Directory. Select filters of the various services your company provides, and have all contacts from your company listed when a visitor clicks on your company's name.

    Non-Member rate: $5,000



$500 One month
  • Your logo will appear in the footer of each page on the NAFTZ Zones Report except for the final page which thanks and lists the sponsors of the upcoming NAFTZ event. Must submit two sizes for your ad:

    147 pixels x 90 and 175 pixels x 90 pixels

    3 month rate: $1,350
    6 month rate: $2,700


$800 One month
  • Submit a logo or an ad to be featured on available space in an upcoming NAFTZ Zones Report. You can choose to submit one of the following sizes:

    370 wide x 230 tall pixels or 286 wide pixels x 286 pixels tall

    3 month rate: $2,160
    6 month rate: $4,320


$1,000 One month
  • All the same benefits as the Run of Publication ad with the added benefit of including your logo on the email that is sent to active members of the association.

    3 month rate: $2,700


$5,000 One month
  • Write and submit an article as it relates to the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program or about your company and its services etc. Content is subject to approval by NAFTZ staff.

    Non-member rate $7,500


$7,000 per Issue
  • The NAFTZ Zones Report (ZR) is a monthly newsletter exclusively available to active members of the association. It features updates on NAFTZ, the FTZ industry, and NAFTZ’s advocacy efforts. By purchasing this sponsorship, you’ll increase the reach of the NAFTZ newsletter, making it visible to both active members and entire NAFTZ contact database.

    Your logo will appear at the footer of each page of the ZR, except for the last page which acknowledges all sponsors for an event. You’ll have the option of submitting content for the purchased issue (subject to NAFTZ staff approval), or you can provide a one-page ad in lieu of an article.

    The publicized newsletter editions include three issues following an NAFTZ events: Fundamentals/Legislative, Spring Seminar, and Annual Conference & Exposition. Sponsorship opportunities are on a first come, first served basis allowing you to choose from the available ZR issues. This sponsorship ensures maximum visibility, as post-event newsletters typically boast the highest viewership.

    Interested in releasing the issue you sponsor to your contacts? We will create a special issue just for you and create a webpage on the NAFTZ website dedicated to this Zones Report issue. The webpage will be public for 31 days.

    Ask us how you can get free membership for your FTZ department.

For questions about website or newsletter sponsorship contact