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Member Get A Member Program

NAFTZ continues to grow in our mission to provide excellence in our educational programs and advocate on behalf of our communities, members, and partners. To achieve this, we take great pride in being at the forefront of offering quality resources and an increase diversity of expertise in the foreign-trade zone industry.

The Member-Get-A-Member Program (MGM) was established to foster continued growth at NAFTZ. Increasing and strengthening the membership at NAFTZ means a stronger presence in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the U.S. Foreign Trade-Zone Program, and improvements made to the many benefits you enjoy today such as webinar, event mentorship, and more. You’ve experienced the many great benefits of being an NAFTZ member, now share the value of NAFTZ with your peers and help grow the association.

Help us grow the association. For a larger organization will mean a stronger voice and impact on the entire foreign-trade zone industry.

How it works:

  • Encourage new and lapsed companies (must have lapsed in 2021 or any year prior to qualify) and prospective individual members (including from within your company/organization) to join the association
  • Ask the new member to include your name in the membership application on the referral line before submitting the membership application
  • Inform Kristine Wells, NAFTZ’s Sr. Manager of Member Services, to expect a new member application from a person you’ve recruited

What’s in it for you:

  • NAFTZ staff will apply a referral award based on the category of the recruited member
  • The referring member will have the opportunity to choose whether to apply the referral award to either a upcoming conference registration or to that individual’s unpaid membership dues
  • The award for recruiting a Designated Member is $100
  • The award for recruiting an Additional Member, Associate, or Affiliate Member is $25

No limit on how many new and lapsed members you can recruit!

Recruitment tips and resources

  • Invite a prospective member to one of NAFTZ upcoming events
  • Follow NAFTZ on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook and share/comment/like announcements to help spread the word
  • Link to NAFTZ on your company’s website, and express how being a member of NAFTZ has helped you

Check back for more tips and resources. If you have any question please contact Sr. Manager of Member Services, Kristine Wells, at