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Operator/User Member

At the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ), Operator/Users are grouped together into this one membership type. An Operator/User is a corporation, partnership, or person that processes or is currently pursing approval to process its own merchandise through a zone or subzone; or whose merchandise is processed by a third party through a public warehouse zone or subzone site.

As a member of NAFTZ you will be provided with a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you improve your FTZ operations, stay up-to-date on the latest developments, and advocate for the future of the FTZ program.

Dues for membership in this category are $1,550.00 per year for the designated member and $350.00 per year for each additional member.


NAFTZ recognizes the power of networking and collaboration among  all of its members including Operator/Users. We provide Operator/Users a platform to connect with other Operator/User members, FTZ Grantees for when questions arise, and a service provider directory listing various services from various companies that could assist you with your zone needs. Operator/Users can connect with other members through various channels, including:

  • Committee Participation: Actively engage with fellow Operator/Users by participating in NAFTZ committees. These committees provide a forum for discussion, knowledge sharing and collaboration on specific areas of interest.
    • An example of this is by becoming involved in the Operator/User Committee. The Operator/User Committee meets virtually once a month to share expertise, issues that may be impacting their FTZ, and addressing other Operator/User related topics.
    • The Operator/User Committee often connect via email when a pressing matter has come up and where a member needs guidance immediately rather than having to wait to speak on the topic once a month during the committee calls.
  • Member Directory: Made a connection at one of our events? Utilize the member directory to search for and connect with members directly.
  • In-Person Events: Attend NAFTZ conferences and seminars to network with industry peers, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships.
    • At our Spring Seminar and Annual Conference we provide a space for Operator/Users to meet privately to discuss topics that are important to them.

By joining NAFTZ, you will gain access to a network of valuable connections that can enhance your FTZ operations and promote success of the FTZ program.

NAFTZ offers a variety of educational resources and training programs for Operator/Users. We offer 4 major events each year which include:

  • Fundamentals of FTZs
  • Legislative and Congressional Visits
  • Spring Seminar
  • Annual Conference & Exposition

Members of NAFTZ receive a discount when they attend our events. During the Spring Seminar and Annual Conference the Operator/User Committee host private sessions for other Operator/Users to join and discuss matters important to their profession and FTZ. 

NAFTZ also hosts monthly webinars which are always free to active members of the association. Our webinars touch on hot topics currently impacting the FTZ program.

Operators/Users play a pivotal role in driving the success of the Foreign-Trade Zones program, contributing to U.S. job creation, economic growth, and increased investment in communities nationwide. Their integral part in enhancing global trade underscores the need for collective efforts to ensure the program's prosperity.

NAFTZ stands as a robust advocate for the FTZ program, actively working to influence regulations and legislation that directly impact Operators/Users. Our annual Legislative Summit and Congressional Visits provide a platform for members to articulate their concerns directly to CBP and legislators. Complementing these efforts, our Virtual Fly-Ins sustain the conversation around FTZ, amplifying our collective voice to ensure that our concerns are not only heard but also addressed.

By joining NAFTZ, Operators/Users gain the opportunity to collaborate on the program's sustainability, fostering a unified front to navigate challenges and promote the enduring success of the Foreign-Trade Zones program.

NAFTZ provides Operator/Users with access to a wide range of resources including:

  • Operator/User Committee - meet virtually once a month and also meet privately during the Spring Seminar and Annual Conference
  • Zones Report - NAFTZ's monthly newsletter containing information as it relates to the association and the U.S. FTZ program
  • Webinars - Always free to active members of the association, attend a webinar to stay updated on new regulations and issues that may be impacting the industry. Webinars are also saved in the exclusive InfoHub to reference or watch at a later time.

Operator/User members at NAFTZ can be paired with other Operator/User members of the association for a 6-month long mentorship program. The mentorship program is guided by the mentee, though we will also provide you with tools and information to help you get started on the mentorship journey. Whether you'd like to give back and influence the new generation of FTZ professionals, or are new to the FTZ industry this program would be a great fit for you.

Showcase your knowledge of the FTZ program by earning the Accredited Zones Specialist (AZS) and the Certified Zone Specialist (CZS) designations. These designations demonstrates your commitment to the FTZ industry and distinguishes you as a leader in this field.

Accredited Zone Specialist: 

The AZS designation recognizes experienced FTZ professionals. It signifies your in-depth understanding of FTZ operations, regulations, and best practices. To qualify for the AZS designation, you must possess a minimum of five years of FTZ experience and meet qualifying Professional and Leadership activities.

To learn more about this designation please visit: 

Certified Zone Specialist: 

The CZS certification is ideal for those seeking to establish a strong foundation and understanding of the FTZ program. This comprehensive certification program covers the fundamentals of FTZ including:

  • FTZ activation and application process 
  • FTZ compliance requirements
  • FTZ benefits and cost-savings strategies
  • FTZ recordkeeping and reporting

Those who have acquired the AZS may grandfather into the CZS program. And, members of NAFTZ receive a discount to obtain both certifications. 

To learn more about the CZS program please visit:

Consider joining us today and take full advantage of all NAFTZ can offer you. Have questions? Contact