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Spring Seminar Agenda

This year’s agenda include general Foreign-Trade Zone topics as well specific tracks for:

Grantees, Operator/Users, Advanced Professionals, and those learning the Fundamentals.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

5:00pm-6:30pm Welcome Reception

  • Network with FTZ Industry partners

Monday, May 6, 2024


7:30am-8:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:00am-8:30am Welcome Remarks

  • Explore the daily outlook & NAFTZ developments
SPEAKER: Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Chief Operating Officer, Port of Long Beach MODERATOR: Jeff Tafel, NAFTZ
8:30am-9:30am FTZ Program Policy Updates from CBP

  • Review important policy changes affecting the Foreign-Trade Zones program.
    • Ocean House Bill Release Update
    • ACE Functionality Updates Impacting FTZs and Import Processes
    • Part 146 Rewrite Update
    • Truck Manifest Update
    • Looking Ahead to In-Bond Regulation Changes
SPEAKER: Brad Slutsky, CBP MODERATOR: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC
9:30am-10:00am Port Challenges

  • Understand the 321 developments, where lobbying efforts stand, status of law & next best steps
SPEAKERS:  Chief Executive Officer Cordero, Port of Long Beach
Will Cawthern, Foreign Trade Zone #74, Baltimore Dev. Corp.
10:00am-10:30am Refreshment Break
10:30am-11:30am OPERATORS/USERS: Running a 3PL from an FTZ Operator Perspective

  • Understand the best way to Incorporate jobs needed to manage FTZ/cost aspect
  • Review FTZ inventory system selection process (in house vs, outside)
SPEAKER: Bill Fisher, DHL
Mike Essig, UPS
MODERATOR: Jennifer VanGundy, GEODIS
FUNDAMENTALS: FTZ Overview, Benefits, Participants & Zone Types

  • Identify benefits & review the regulatory process (review advanced webinars highlighting benefits, a roles & types
  • BONUS Grantee 202 webinars available for purchase
SPEAKER: Sean Lydon, ISCM MODERATOR: Patty Cannon, State of Delaware
GRANTEES: How Government Agencies Impact FTZs

  • Understand how partners impact FTZs (PGAs, etc.), such as operators in dealing with federal gov. agency
SPEAKERS: Eric Berry, Copper Hill Inc. & Wayne Lin, Floor & Decor MODERATOR: Denise Yanez, City of Phoenix
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch
12:40 pm-1:40pm OPERATORS/USERS: CBP Facilities

  • Understand before you apply for activation, make sure you do THIS
  • Explain facility security Dos and Don’ts
  • Recognize how not to be an example we use at FLETC
SPEAKERS: Stephen Long, CBP
SCBPO Marlene Figueroa, CBP
MODERATOR: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC
FUNDAMENTALS: FTZ Application, Zone Status & Activation Process

  • Identify proper documentation
  • Determine delivery type & authorization requirements
  • BONUS Grantee 202 webinars available for purchase
SPEAKER: Diana Urelius, Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Inc. MODERATOR: Torrey Chambliss, Port Tampa Bay
GRANTEES: Grantee Marketing Towards Potential Users

  • Explore the prospect to client process
  • Review how to locate and market your FTZ to potential companies
SPEAKERS: James Grogan, FTI Consulting Inc.
Justin Ryan, Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT)
David Sikkink, Hawaii FTZ No. 9
MODERATOR: Shane Williams, EY
1:50pm-2:50pm  Current Issues facing FTZs

  • Understand US trade developments & outlook
Shannon Fura, NAFTZ Chair
James Grogan, NAFTZ Vice Chair
Eric Berry, NAFTZ Treasurer
Katie Tangman, NAFTZ Secretary,
Melissa Irmen, NAFTZ
3:20pm-4:20pm OPERATORS/USERS: Top 10: Zone Compliance Issues 

  • Explore FTZ hot topics, implications & strategies
SPEAKERS: Rebecca Williams, Rockefeller Group
Cornelia Steinert, John S. James Co.
MODERATOR: Jennifer VanGundy, GEODIS
FUNDAMENTALS: Inventory, Merchandise & Admissions

  • Identify storage, removal, and destruction rules
  • Determine necessary authorization required
  • BONUS Grantee 202 webinars available for purchase
SPEAKER: Arthur Cha, Livingston International MODERATOR: Maddi Krieger, QAD

  • Review the number of users, multiusers & take a deeper dive into the complexity and application of ASF/TSF
SPEAKERS: Miguel Zamora,
Louisville Riverport Authority, FTZ #29
Denise Yanez, City of Phoenix
MODERATOR: Alex Halloway, Research Triangle Area FTZ
4:30pm-6:00pm OPERATORS/USERS ONLY: Roundtable

  • Join the discussion on hot topics for Operators/Users

  • Join the discussion on hot topics for Grantees
MODERATOR:  Will Cawthern, FTZ #74 & Justin Ryan, JAXPORT
6:00pm Adjourn
6:00pm-7:00pm Reception

Location: Renaissance indoor/outdoor reception space
Q's call 703-309-6640

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

7:30am-8:30am Networking Continental Breakfast
8:00am-8:20am Opening Remarks

  • AZS Announcement & announce winner of the Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Explore the daily outlook & NAFTZ developments
SPEAKER: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC MODERATOR: Jeff Tafel, NAFTZ
8:20am-8:50am FTZ Board Update

  • Review the latest FTZB developments
SPEAKER: Elizabeth Whiteman, U.S. FTZ Board MODERATOR: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC
8:50am-9:20am Trade Policy

  • Review UFLPA Mechanics: How to handle a response
  • Understanding the Penalty Process: Who, what, why and how
  • Classification Basics: What you should do and resources
SPEAKER: Dennis McKenzie, Deputy Executive Director, Cargo Conveyance & Security, CBP MODERATOR: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC
9:20am-9:50am Forced Labor

  • Review storage nuances, policy and outlook developments
SPEAKER: David Murphy, GDLSK MODERATOR: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC
9:50am-10:20am Refreshment Break
10:20am-11:20am OPERATORS/USERS: Spotlight on Activation

  • Changes in the process (vetting, ID checks, etc.)
  • Interactions between FTZB & CBP and any nuance between ports
  • Prequalifying applications & nuances
  • Requirements & potential Issues with activation
  • How to set up the CBP foundation
  • Bond requirements & amounts
SPEAKER: Stephen Long, CBP MODERATOR: Eric Berry, Copper Hill Inc.
FUNDAMENTALS: Transfer Merch / Movement / Withdrawal

  • Identify discrepancies
  • Define HMF
  • Review Reporting Responsibilities
  • BONUS Grantee 202 webinars available for purchase
SPEAKER: Eric Dalby, Descartes MODERATOR: Danielle Converse, POCCA
ADVANCED: Best Practices / Optimization

  • Explore FTZ best strategies for optimal operations
Trey Boring, IMS Worldwide Inc.
MODERATOR: Scott Taylor
11:30pm-12:30pm OPERATORS/USERS: Navigating the CBP Relationship

  • Understand the interconnected FTZ roles
    Operator/user vs. grante; headquarters/port nuances vs. headquarters vs. local messaging
  • Review approaches: port level discretion & elements impacting where cargo is directly vs. 3rd party operations delivery and CBP management; location limitations/ direct delivery process; strategies for working with multiple ports
  • Understand collaboration strategies - advocacy, legislative level, headquarters level vs. messaging CBP at local level
SPEAKERS: Courtney Stiers, FTI Consulting Inc.
Melissa Irmen, NAFTZ
MODERATOR: Leigh Ryan, WTC Savannah
FUNDAMENTALS: Special Handling, Periodic Reporting & Regulatory Requirements and Inspections

  • Understand regulations and inspection protocols
  • BONUS Grantee 202 webinars available for purchase
SPEAKER: Joe Blaskiewicz, MIC Customs Solutions MODERATOR: Mary Rooney, KC SmartPort

  • Review inclusion/exclusion
  • Develop and review the compliance program (internal audit)
  • Understand how and when to self audit
SPEAKERS: Ellen Bishop, Xylem
Jason Ricketts, Nissan
MODERATOR: Sarah Messeih, KPMG
12:30pm Conclude