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Annual Conference & Exposition Agenda

This year’s agenda featured tracks include general Foreign-Trade Zone topics, as well as specific tracks for:

Grantees, Operator/Users, Petroleum Professionals, Advanced Professionals, and those learning the Fundamentals.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

5:00pm-6:30pm Welcome Reception

  • Network with industry professionals amidst the waterfront backdrop.
  • Wear lightweight business casual clothing to enjoy the warmth of Miami.
  • Should weather prevent us from being outdoors, Guests will enjoy the event indoors.
  • QUESTIONS? Call 703-309-6640.

Monday, September 11, 2023

6:00am-7:30am Networking Charity 5K Run/Walk (Meet in the Lobby at 6 am)

  • Looking for additional networking time at the conference?
  • Want a great way to decompress right before diving into an intense conference agenda?
  • Bring a friend, a cup of coffee, or better yet both as we walk/run along the beautiful trails surrounding the hotel property.
  • Back in time for breakfast and Opening Remarks.
  • If not able to walk/run - please still consider helping support our designated local charity Feeding South Florida (With every $1 providing 9 meals, each donation quickly multiplies to make a significant impact to those with food insecurity).
7:30am-8:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast

  • Start your morning off with a refreshing Continental Breakfast.
8:00am-8:40am Welcome Remarks & Anniversary Celebration

  • Review key trade developments and be provided an event overview.

8:40am-9:10am CBP Detention Programs

    • Review how to navigate the CBP Detention Program
8am SPEAKERS: Shane Williams, NAFTZ Chair, Chairman Dr. Mohammed Alzarooni, WFZO & Allyson Vaulx, Feeding South Florida

8:40am SPEAKERS Stephen Long, CBP, Katharine Dervin, Branch Chief, Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, Trade Compliance, CBP & Mike Vernon, CBP

8am MODERATOR: Jeff Tafel, NAFTZ

8:40am MODERATOR: Jeff Tafel, NAFTZ

9:10am-10:10am FTZ Port Perspectives & Global Impact

  • Explore nuances of each port economic development perspective by air, ocean, one's global impact, current status and next steps.
SPEAKERS: Emir Pineda, Miami International Airport
Joel Perler, Port of Long Beach, Eric Olafson, PortMiami
MODERATOR: Shane Williams, EY
10:10am-10:40am REFRESHMENT BREAK

  • Enjoy refreshments and networking in the Grand Ballroom Foyer.
10:40am-11:10am FTZ Board: Developments

  • Explore latest updates in the FTZ Arena
SPEAKER: Liz Whiteman, US FTZ Board & Dawn Shackleford, US Department of Commerce MODERATOR: Shane Williams, EY
11:10am-12:00pm Current CBP Mission and Challenges

  • Explore nuances of each port economic development perspective by air, ocean, one's global impact, current status and next steps.
SPEAKER: Acting Executive Director, Dennis McKenzie, CBP MODERATOR: Shane Williams, EY
12:00pm-1:00pm LUNCH

  • Share highlights from the day with FTZ colleagues over lunch.
1:10pm-2:10pm FUNDAMENTALS: FTZ Overview, Benefits, Participants & Zone Types

  • Identify benefits & review the regulatory process
  • BONUS Advanced (Grantee & Operator/User) on demand virtual trainings available for purchase on NAFTZ Professional Training website.
SPEAKER: Miguel Zamora MODERATOR: Ken Roberts, WorldCity
GRANTEES: Free Trade Agreements — Insights for Grantees

  • Define FTAs
  • Determine FTAs impact FTZs/grantees
  • Understand what grantees need to understand
  • Explore Free Trade Agreements and other trade facilitation programs complicate the FTZ marketing process
  • For a high-level understanding of the various trade programs the United States has with its partners, and how they intersect with U.S. FTZs, how impact FTZs (if company use FTZ & USMCA = what does it do; what would benefit grantee to know, ex: FTA = elections = elect to use or not = compliment target industries, etc.)
SPEAKER(s): Sean Lydon, ISCM, Inc. MODERATOR: Denise Yanez, City of Phoenix

  • Understand how Importers frequently use Global Trade Management (GTM) systems to handle the demands of classification and shipment tracking across international supply chains.
  • Determine how GTM can complement an FTZ.
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities when integrating the systems often used for each
SPEAKERS: Jason Ricketts, Nissan & Kathryn Joiner, Volkswagen MODERATOR: Joe Blaskiewicz, MIC Customs Solutions
PETROLEUM: Assigning TD66-16 Product Categories & Feedstock Groups

  • Explore steps involved in assigning TD66-16 products
  • Understand the status of feedstock groups
SPEAKER: Todd Davis, EY MODERATOR: Robert Balli, P66
2:20pm-3:20pm FUNDAMENTALS: FTZ Application Process

  • Identify proper documentation.
  • Determine delivery type & authorization requirements (part 2)
  • BONUS Advanced (Grantee & Operator/User) available for purchase on NAFTZ Professional Training website. NOTE: Presentation is already prepared by NAFTZ.
SPEAKER: Elizabeth Whiteman, U.S FTZ Board MODERATOR: Katie Carney, Carney Trade Consulting, LLC
GRANTEES: FTZ Restrictions & Prohibitions — Rules to Live By

  • Explore prohibited products in the zone
  • Undertsand Industries that are challenging for FTZs (e.g. solar panels, golf carts, color pigments, textiles)
  • Define what uses not allowed in zone (Ex: Liquor, fire arms -assembly)
SPEAKERS: Rebecca Williams, Rockefeller Group
Sean Murray, Miller & Co.
MODERATOR: Patty Cannon, State of Delaware, FTZ #99
OPERATORS/USERS: Master & House Bill of Lading Changes and Impact on FTZ Admissions and PTTs

  • Define CBP House Bill of Lading changes for ocean mode of transportation & understand the new reporting requirement for ocean
SPEAKERS: Liz Connell, Thomson Reuters
Gabrielle Yarbrough, Kubota
MODERATOR: Christopher Smith, IKEA
PETROLEUM: The Balance Between FTZs, FTZ & Drawback

  • Explore the differences/similarities between FTZs, FTA and Drawback
SPEAKER: Alejandro Urdinola, Charter Brokerage MODERATOR: Helen Estrada, P66

  • Enjoy refreshments and networking in the Foyer.
3:50pm-4:50pm FUNDAMENTALS: Zone Status, Inventory & Recordkeeping

  • Identify storage, removal, and destruction rules.
  • Determine necessary authorization required.
  • BONUS Advanced (Grantee & Operator/user) on demand virtual trainings available for purchase on NAFTZ Professional Training website - check out the resources tab for more information.
SPEAKER: Mike Essig, UPS MODERATOR: Patrice Lafayette, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.
GRANTEES: How to Understand Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Review component parts involved.
  • Manufacturing and distribution perspectives
SPEAKERS: Carrie Cooper-Grubbs, Host Terminals, LLC
Eric Berry, Copper Hill Inc.
MODERATOR: Patty Cannon, State of Delaware, FTZ #99

OPERATORS/USERS: FTZ Bonded Transportation Options

  • Explore Power of Attorney/MOU's with steamship lines for exports (Export of Zone — request cut own in-bond vs. zone operator & define what one can do more within ACE)
  • Review FTZ Dray Transportation Challenges & Options (* FTZs face a bonded carrier crunch with detention and demurrage skyrocketing during the pandemic, FTZs and other importers are exploring ways to keep inland transportation charges under control.)
  • Determine how to tackle Detention and demurrage Charges & Transloading Opportunities and Challenges
SPEAKERS: Bill Fisher, DHL, Darcy Emehiser, DSV MODERATOR: Melinda Wellons, Yamaha
PETROLEUM: FTZ Benefits for Production Equipment/Turnaround Projects

  • Understand production opportunities and realistic project timelines
SPEAKER: Nesia Warner, EY MODERATOR: Helen Estrada, P66
5:00pm-6:00pm FUNDAMENTALS: Merchandise Handling & Admissions

  • Identify discrepancies.
  • Define HMF
  • Review Reporting Responsibilities
  • BONUS Advanced (Grantee & Operator/user) on demand virtual trainings available for purchase on NAFTZ Professional Training website - check out the resources tab for more information. NOTE Presentation is already prepared by NAFTZ.
SPEAKER: Amy Crosse, Carter's MODERATOR: Ileana Klepeisz, Tapestry
GRANTEES: Case Studies – Wins & Losses

  • Define Federal vs. State level competitive benefits.
  • Explore possibilities of why a Zone won (or lost) the big fish & variables involved (zone vs. selection)
  • Understand the win = who is using it and how benefiting from it
SPEAKERS: Shane Williams, EY
Leigh Ryan, WTC Savannah & Will Cawtherne, FTZ #74
MODERATOR: Torrey Chambliss, Port of Tampa Bay
OPERATORS/USERS: Navigating Common Operational Pitfalls within Your FTZ Operations

  • Understand the importance of data in FTZ management
  • Determine how to navigate security measures with CBP
SPEAKERS: Sarah Messeih, KPMG
Maddi Krieger, QAD
MODERATOR: Derek Williams, BMW
PETROLEUM: FTZs in Renewables Sector

  • Understand the Benefits of using existing petroleum rules for renewable feedstocks
  • Review Challenges of proposing TD66 rules for use with bio feedstocks
  • Explore Petroleum Classification – TD66 work on Renewables
SPEAKERS: Kelly Towner, Valero & Lisa Carpenter, Charter Brokerage & Michael Leightman, EY MODERATOR: Robert Balli, P66
6:00pm ADJOURN
6:00pm-7:00pm MONDAY RECEPTION

  • Network with industry professionals while meeting exhibit providers in the foyer and ballroom.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


7:30am-8:00am Networking Continental Breakfast

  • Kickstart your day by joining us for Continental Breakfast.
8:00am-8:40am Opening Remarks & Anniversary Celebration

  • Understand what NAFTZ is doing in the world of trade.
  • Review current strategies and opportunities to get involved with the matters that mean the most to you as well as the outlook for the day.
SPEAKER: Jeff Tafel, NAFTZ MODERATOR: Shane Williams, EY
8:40am-9:30am FTZ Program Updates from CBP

  • Understand the current status of trade congestion, strategies to circumvent backups, and where to go from here.
SPEAKER(S): Michelle Stover, Asst. Director of Field Operations for Baltimore Field office, Wendy Cooper, Customs & Border Protection Officer & Lydia Jackson, Customs & Border Protection MODERATOR: Jeff Tafel, NAFTZ
9:40am-10:40am FUNDAMENTALS: Transfer of Merchandise, Periodic Reporting/Regulatory Requirements & Inspections

  • Understand reporting, requirements & discrepancy.
  • BONUS Advanced (Grantee & Operator/user) on demand virtual trainings available for purchase on NAFTZ Professional Training website - check out the resources tab for more information. NOTE Presentation is already prepared by NAFTZ.
SPEAKER: Ellen Bishop, Xylem, Inc. INVITED MODERATOR: Mike Essig, UPS
ADVANCED: Preparing for an Annual Customs Compliance Review

  • Understand how to prepare for an Annual Customs Compliance Review
  • Explore providing an overview of expectations, preparations & follow up
  • Determine Advanced Track in handling adjustments: how they are identified, researched and corrected & reported to Customs
SPEAKER(S): Jorge Aguilar, Hit Promotional Products & Carrie Cooper-Grubbs, Host Terminals LLC MODERATOR: Darcy Emehiser, DSV

  • Review the latest developments
SPEAKERS: Deputy Chief Officer Stephen Long INVITED MODERATOR: Shannon Fura, Page Fura PC
PETROLEUM: CBP Petroleum Measurements — Meters, Scales & More

  • Review on the special nuances involved when it comes to zone inventory measurements in the petroleum FTZ sector. This includes meters, scales, and tanks.
    • CBP approach to meter readings
    • Meter reading audit and calibration criteria
    • Employing scales, tanks and more in the process
    • Understanding how recordkeeping for petroleum is different
SPEAKERS: Robert Munivez, CBP MODERATOR: Robert Balli, P66
10:40am-11:10am REFRESHMENT BREAK

  • Enjoy refreshments and networking in the Foyer.
11:10am-12:10pm FUNDAMENTALS: Regulatory Requirements & Inspections

  • Understand regulations and inspection protocols
  • BONUS Advanced (Grantee & Operator/user) on demand virtual trainings available for purchase on NAFTZ Professional Training website - check out the resources tab for more information. NOTE Presentation is already prepared by NAFTZ.
SPEAKER: Scott Taylor, STR Trade MODERATOR: Edgar Ellis, AIRBUS
ADVANCED: Weaving ACE into your Compliance Program

  • Understand how to utilize ACE for Zone Audits
  • Identify what ACE reports would be helpful - FIRMS codes and bonds that are opened
  • Learn how to set up reports
SPEAKERS: Suzanne Smith, Rockefeller Group & Melissa Irmen MODERATOR: Darlene Zubik, MEPPI
OPERATORS/USERS: Customs Filings & Forms (Field by Field)

  • Take a deep dive into required information and resources to find the answers you need (data sourcing, corrections, etc.)
SPEAKERS: Arcelio Gerardo, FTZ World Services
Jason Nichols, Five Below
MODERATOR: Sarah Giles, Robert Bosch
PETROLEUM: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) & Customs Clearance

  • Review the nuances of the program offering.

Jeff Saum, Petroleum Center of Excellence & Expertise, Assistant Center Director, Chris Wallace, NeoFlow & Twila Riffel, NeoFlow 

MODERATOR: Robert Balli, P66
12:10pm-1:10pm LUNCH

  • Share highlights from the day with FTZ colleagues over lunch.
1:20pm-2:20pm 1:20-1:50pm Top Advocacy & NAFTZ Insights

1:50-2:20pm 50th Anniversary Flashback

  • Understand the current status of advocacy efforts and next best steps as well as historical reflection on past accomplishments
SPEAKERS: Shane Williams, EY
Ben Odendahl, Smith, Dawson & Andrews
Jim Smith, Smith, Dawson & Andrews
2:30pm-3:10pm FUNDAMENTALS: ABCs of FTZs — Game Show of Knowledge

  • Utilize FTZ knowledge in real world scenarios in jeopardy style interactive format
SPEAKER(s): Wanda Sample, Avalon Risk Management & Melissa Hopkins, Mercedes MODERATOR: Cindi Kavanaugh, Mohawk Global
ADVANCED: Ongoing FTZ Inventory Balancing & the CBP Annual Reconciliation Report — Into the Weeds

  • Review how report/captured adjustments — annual reconciliation vs. ongoing cycle count or adjustments
  • Address Inventory adjustments as part of continuous cycle count vs. LIVE adjustments, regulatory requirements for reconciliation process & nuances of company handling of issues & how to deal
SPEAKERS: Justin Huguet, GEODIS & Michael D'Aoust, Watermark Trade MODERATOR: Jennifer Powers, Ralph Lauren
OPERATORS/USERS: Winning the E-Commerce Game with FTZs

  • Take a deep dive into key elements of FTZs and how to highlight them in the economy
Christopher Smith, IKEA & INVITED Jessica Rosen, UPS
MODERATOR: Ben Odendahl, Smith Dawson & Andrews
PETROLEUM: Producibility 101

  • Review the basics of producibility and applicability to your job
SPEAKER: Todd Davis, P66 MODERATOR: Kelly Towner, Valero Energy Corporation

  • Enjoy refreshments and networking in the Foyer.
3:40pm-4:30pm ADVANCED: FTZ Merchandise Processing challenges

  • Review the latest on 301 and AD/CVD changes. (duty free product in zone, disqualifications due to country pending
  • Understand how to preserve bonded status
  • Review Foreign FTA merch, WRO merch, Forced Labor UFLPA, USMCA & EPA Circumvention of ADCVD inquiry
SPEAKER(S): David Murphy, GDLSK MODERATOR: Trey Boring, IMS Worldwide Inc.
OPERATORS/USERS: Reshoring & Nearshoring

  • Determine customers locations.
  • Understand if industry, company and products are good candidates given the current geopolitical events, supply chain and the steep decrease in global logistics rates?
  • Review green field vs. brown field — Which one is more logistically and financially beneficial to you
SPEAKER(S): Courtney Stiers, FTI Consulting & Lydia Chastain, INZone MODERATOR: Torrey Chambliss, Port Tampa Bay
PETROLEUM: PF vs. NPF — Which is Best for my Zone?

  • Review nuances between PF vs. NPF
  • Understand the pros/cons of each
SPEAKER: Hillary Koppenhofer, Marathon Petroleum Company LP MODERATOR: Lesley Moises, Charter Brokerage
4:30pm-6:30pm GRANTEES: Grantee Roundtable

  • Explore today's trending topics with fellow Grantees in this roundtable discussion.
MODERATOR: Leigh Ryan, WTC Savannah
OPERATORS/USERS: Operator/User Roundtable

  • Explore today's trending topics with fellow Operator/Users in this roundtable discussion.
PETROLEUM: Petroleum Roundtable

  • Explore today's trending topics with fellow Petroleum Professionals in this roundtable discussion.

  • Network with industry professionals and reflect on 50 years of celebration.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

7:30am-10:00am Annual Business Meeting (MEMBERS ONLY)
9:00am-10:00am Non-Member Breakfast

  • Enjoy refreshments and networking in the Foyer.
10:40am-11:40am ADVANCED: The Shifting Sands of Global Trade

  • Explore the future of trade law: Current WTO developments and the historical impact on world trade law. (Understand how world trade law is changing from standards set forth after WW 2 with implication for international conflict).
  • Review US – China trade relations: A look at the trade relationship given Trump Tariffs, AD CVD and Regional Trade Initiatives.
    • Understand FTZs (classification)
      trade with China in a decoupling world
SPEAKERS: Jeremy Page, Page Fura PC
Frankie Bryson, Nissan
MODERATOR: Ben Odendahl, Smith, Dawson & Andrews
OPERATORS/USERS: Building Internal Buy-In — Communicate Benefits of FTZ Project Internally

  • Determine ideal strategies in how best to relay FTZ Value with key decision makers
SPEAKERS: Teresa Morton, DENSO
Eric Dalby, Descartes
MODERATOR: Jose Quinonez, EP Global Consulting
GRANTEES: Grantees' Best Practices for FTZ Application Process

  • Review techniques used for successful FTZ Application
SPEAKERS: Danielle Converse, POCCA & Kent Ebbing, InZone, Angie Atwood, Columbus Regional Airport MODERATOR: Rina Lawrence, Port Houston
11:50 am-12:50ppm ADVANCED: Deep Dive of PGA Reporting Requirements for FTZ Users

  • Explore reporting intricacies and requirements with real world strategies to an optimal experience.
SPEAKE(S): Christopher Smith, IKEA MODERATOR: Arthur Cha, Livingston International
OPERATORS/USERS: FTZ Services Delivery Models

  • Explore what to do when Operations needs create compliance risks
  • Review training Operations to think FTZ compliance when making business decisions
  • Understand the importance of bringing compliance into the conversation with operations decision making meetings
  • Develop a framework for managing warehouse security and liability risks.
  • Learn to use Gap Assessments, Training and Benchmarking
  • Identify what to look for in warehouse agreements to assess risk
SPEAKER(S): Jill James, John S. James Co.
Brandi Stoddard, Copper Hill Inc.,
Maddi Krieger, QAD
Jessica Rosen, UPS
Shana Head, GEODIS
Jordan Schrock, K & N
GRANTEES: FTZ Cargo from Beginning to End & the Timeline/Role of Each Party Involved

  • Explore the key players involved in the FTZ cargo story and how they are interconnected with FTZ success (CBP, Importer, LCB, FTZ Warehouse, etc.)
SPEAKERS: Katie Tangman, Columbia Sportswear Co.
David Panko, City of El Paso, FTZ No. 68
MODERATOR: Rina Lawrence, Port Houston
1:00pm-2:00pm LUNCH

  • Share highlights from the day with FTZ colleagues over lunch.