NAFTZ events are not open to the public, but are intended for the private benefit of NAFTZ members and other registered attendees. Press passes are limited, and press attendance will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the President.

We give priority to proposals from journalists who:

Have Influence

Work for press outlets capable of reaching large or influential audiences

Have Good Records

Have a track record of insightful coverage in areas related to NAFTZ

All journalists must observe the following guidelines:

Request for Attendence

Press requests to attend an NAFTZ event should be submitted no less than seven days in advance to

Limitation of Access

Press access will be limited to general sessions

Anonynmity Policy

Certain sessions are off the record. Journalists must respect the right to anonymity and not publish comments and sources

Limitiation of Recording

Audio and video recording of the session and other meeting events is strictly prohibited

Journalists who don’t comply to these guidelines will forfeit their press credentials and admittance to the event. NAFTZ reserves the right to deny access to any press representative at any time and for any reason to retain the best interest of NAFTZ and its members.

Press Requests

Requests to schedule an interview or get more information for a story should be directed to President Erik Autor at Your email should include the following information: