Trey Boring | NAFTZ

Trey Boring

Immediate Past Chair

Sr. Vice President // IMS Worldwide, Inc.

Mr. Boring is responsible for Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ or Zone) and economic development projects including business development for IMS Worldwide, Inc. (IMSW). Mr. Boring possesses strong analytical skills, process and production-oriented focus as well as technical expertise in nearly all areas of business development.

Mr. Boring has extensive experience in project management and operational programs. He has worked as an operation and marketing manager for the past 25 years. His involvement with IMSW began in March of 1997. At that time, his role as a Project Manager included a strong focus on business diversification, but his primary responsibility was to assist IMSW’s clients through the Zone Activation and system review processes. It was in this capacity, that Mr. Boring provided IMSW clients with essential information regarding the processes, systems and procedures required to transition a facility to a fully operational and compliant Zone operation.

Mr. Boring’s acquired a diverse knowledge of Zone operations over the last 25 years. The projects he has managed include a wide variety of industry sectors and corporate structures. The companies vary from large equipment, appliance and high-tech manufacturing centers to national and regional distribution centers for apparel, consumer goods, equipment, electronics and flooring/tile wholesalers, just to name a few. Third-party logistics providers have also reaped the benefits of Zone designation, as they can offer their customers the FTZ benefits especially at key near-port locations. Mr. Boring has been instrumental in assisting multiple companies designate and activate facilities throughout the country. The Zone projects that Mr. Boring has supervised have led many of these companies to expand their FTZ operations to include other locations throughout the U.S. as a result of the financial benefits that were realized.

Mr. Boring has expertise in assisting companies with establishing regulatory compliance in both a manufacturing and warehouse environment. As part of this process, he has worked with clients on their record keeping and inventory control systems to ensure that the systems meet the guidelines put forth in federal regulations. The experience Mr. Boring possesses in manufacturing processes and logistics has assisted him in directing IMSW’s clients in developing internal systems that produce the required reports and controls for operating an FTZ.

Mr. Boring has significant experience in production, marketing, project management and logistics. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently the Chairman of the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones, a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and a member of the International Compliance Professional Association.