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SPECIAL PROCEDURES: The purchase of a Designated and/or Additional Membership must be made under the profile of the individual the membership is intended for begin a relationship with NAFTZ. This pertains to the Grantee, Inactive Grantee, Operator/User, Startup, and Service Provider membership categories. NAFTZ staff will make sure that all members under the same company are grouped together. Civic, Educational, and International memberships must also be purchased on behalf of the individual.

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Membership Types and Dues

Grantee Designated


This membership type applies to all state and local government institutions and non-profit entities that have received a grant of authority from the FTZ Board.

Inactive Designated


This membership type is for Grantees who do not yet have activity in their FTZ operation.

Operator/User Designated


This member type applies to any corporation, partnership, or person operating or using a zone under agreement with an operator or grantee.

Consultant Designated


This membership type applies to consultants, software providers, legal professionals, and all other vendors serving clients in the FTZ community.

Startup Designated


Introductory membership type is for companies that have been operating in the FTZ environment for less than one year. After the first billing cycle, members transition to the Operator/User category.



This membership type is for public officials who are interested in participating in NAFTZ activities and learning more about the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Program.



This membership type is for individuals tied to educational institutions to include professors, researchers, and students who are interested in participating in NAFTZ activities and learning more about the U.S. FTZ Program.



This membership type is for individuals belonging to the international community who are interested in participating in NAFTZ activities and learning more about the U.S. FTZ Program. Traditionally, this group is comprised of non-governmental organizations or free trade zones outside of the U.S.

Additional Memberships

As an existing NAFTZ member, you can add employees from your organization to your existing membership. The annual rate for each additional membership is priced at just $350. Your company must have a designated membership before the purchase of any additional memberships. Additional memberships are available under the following membership types:

  • Grantee
  • Inactive Grantee
  • Operator/User
  • Startup
  • Consultant

Initial Membership Purchase

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We Deliver Value By Connecting Members in Four Ways

Access to Key Resources

A community of more than 600 industry executives and experts, knowledge bases, and industry intelligence and insight

Programs, Initiatives, and Advocacy

Shape, drive and expand opportunities across the foreign-trade zone industry by serving on the board or committee

Participation and Networking

Opportunities to network at NAFTZ conferences and meetings

Events and Advertising Opportunities

NAFTZ platforms that can enhance the profile of your business, promote your brand, and connect you with the broader FTZ industry.

Access to Members only resources

Zones Reports

FREE Subscription and online access to the Zones Report, our monthly e-newsletter packed with the latest news about NAFTZ and the FTZ program

Issue Alerts

Receive timely emails anytime there’s new FTZ-related legislation or regulations and other key issues impacting the industry


Requirements & Best Practices

Resources like the Grantee Handbook help keep Grantees informed of the latest requirements and best practices in FTZ management and e214 Trade Handbook familiarize FTZ operators and software developers with the complex e214 process from admission to concurrence

Learn & Share Your Knowledge

Latest trends in U.S. trade polucy and FTZ regulation

Learn about the latest developments in U.S. trade policy and FTZ regulation through our in-person events. We offer sessions on pressing topics like ACE/ITDS implementation and FTZ Board scope of authority regulations. Members receive special rates. Our monthly educational webinars are complimentary to members. Check your email for upcoming dates.

Participate in the Mentorship Program

Develop your leadership skills by becoming a mentor or a mentee. This opportunity is available to Grantee and Operator/User Members only.

Become an Accredited Zones Specialist

Demonstrate your knowledge in the FTZ program and regulatory environment by earning Accredited Zone Specialist (AZS) designation.


Members save at our industry-leading conferences, including the NAFTZ Annual Conference

Don’t be left out. Join us to get plugged in and to stay current in your profession.